In Pharma Marketing Mercury Laboratories Ltd. made it presence because of (a) its quality products (b) as per the market needs different products introduced. Today we are known in Gynec, Pediatric & G P segment.

Specifically in Haemostatic , Haematanic , antibiotic & tocolytics Market. We want to further strengthen our position in Gynec/Pediatric Market by consolidating our position in these segments & also by introducing newer molecule which is beneficial for the patient. One of our major objective is to provide quality medicine which should be in reach of common people & there by serving the suffering Mankind. With the same motto we are in the market for more than 35 years.

Our major objective is to grow rapidly and keep the pace with growing Pharma market. We are stepping up the coverage of Gynecologist and Pediatrician by increasing our field force & increasing the number of Drs in this segment.

We want to give new look to our promotional plan by adding innovative ideas & strategies, which should click in the market. For consolidating our position in terms of ranking, we are also coming out with newer molecules specifically in Haemostae & Haematanic segment. By identifying the need of the growing market we will introduce the product accordingly.

One major market which we are planning to tap and that is Antibiotic market. Off late our brand of Ceftriaxone started doing well and through innovative promotional input & aggressive promotion we are strengthening our position.

We are also planning for innovative and good training at every level of highrarchy & there by increasing the affectivity of each member of Marketing team .

We want to inculcate in our field force customer friendly approach so we can part our message with customer very effectively. To improve our relation time & again we have planned CME program which will be the beneficial to the Drs in terms of acquiring addition knowledge which ultimately help the suffering human being. These type of seminar already conducted successfully which was appreciated by many of the Drs as most of the discussion was based on their day to day practice.

Our endeavor is to make our presence felt in this dynamic & growing Pharma Market by applying innovative idea in terms of Product- Strategy -customer approach and increasing effectively.

We are sure that MERCURY LABORATORIES LTD will emerge as a leading & rapidly growing company . We are ready to take newer challenges coming in our way of progress.

Our vision is to grow rapidly by implementing innovate ideas and give the best to the market and work for ultimate customer satisfaction by understanding the need of the competitive market.

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